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Who might like to take an Intuitive Painting workshop or class?



Anyone who wants to rediscover the childlike passion of being free to create even if you have never painted. Or for the artist who wants to bring new passion and aliveness to their work.

Anyone who is hungering for a more authentic and heartfelt way of being and a deeper level of self expression. This process connects us with our innate wisdom and knowingness. When we touch the brush to the paper we are touching a deeper level of connection with ourselves.


What is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive Painting is about opening to the creative life force energy that flows through all human beings and is our birthright. Unlike regular art classes, at Sacred Space Painting there is no emphasis on product, technique or critique. 
​Intuitive Painting is about falling in love with the journey of creative invention, exploration and present moment authenticity more than being attached to the end result. Here there is no right or wrong, good or bad, no points of comparison. Your painting is totally unique because you are totally unique.
You will be provided with tools to move past the inner critic, boredom, perfectionism and fear to re-establish the wonder, mystery and freedom of the creative process. A freedom that extends beyond the paper and into your everyday life


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